Top foods that Texas people can’t live without

The Texas food is quite popular for its unique cooking style and use of ingredients. The article highlights a few dishes that are a must in every restaurant menu. Let’s have a look at few of them:

Chips and salsa

Yes, you heard it right. Salsa and chips are favorite of almost all.  The first rule you need to know about them is that you can’t literally stop eating them once you start.  The most popular variety of salsa is Queso.

Queso is a heavier filling sibling of salsa. The melted cheese is blended with spices, pico de gallo and in some cases with a little guacamole. If you want to have it as a complete meal, you can combine it with some meat too.

The normal salsa sauce is prepared from tomatoes, chilies, onions and other spices along with a large amount of cilantro.

Texas BBQ

Texas is king of BBQ. Backyard barbeque parties are a quite common site. The chicken or beef is first cut into cubes and then slid down over the skewer in a pattern, and is slowly cooked to perfection. The accompaniments include green pepper, onion, beef and chicken.

Ranch Dressing

This dipping sauce is accepted for all food items in the region. You can dip pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, Texas roast and lot more. It is a must on the every lunch and dinner table.


In the region, Tortillas are usually thick and less chewy.  It is like a staple dish for Texans. Made from corn or flour, the fillings differ from beef, spices and beans as per the taste of an individual. In some eat-outs, it is also served with hot sauce or salsa.


It is available in many variations. It is skimpy with fillings of beans, cheese and rice. Stewed chicken taco is a classic Texan dish. It involves the stewing of a fresh chicken in a large cauldron with fresh onions and chili.

Chicken fried steak

It is a staple food for a hungry Texan. Every restaurant in the state serves this dish. It is quite filling.


What makes Texas Chili different from other region is the exclusion of beans.

Other popular foods of the region include Frito Pie, Kolache and Fajitas.

These are top items every Texan loves. So if you are looking to try typical Texas style cuisine, reserve a table at Clark Food & Wine Co.  We are open Monday through Sunday. We also serve brunch on weekends from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.



The popularity of small plates dining in Texas, Dallas

Smoked Turkey, Crispy Speck, Romaine Hearts, Buttermilk Ranch, Cabbage, Sliced Tomatoes, Hard Boiled Eggs, Avocados…. Small plate dining has been making a noise at many restaurants in Texas. The manner of dining became popular since 2000. It refers to small dishes resembling appetizers that are ordered as a la carte and often shared or you may refer it to as a small course served as a part of a formal meal. 

The small plate Texas, Dallas concept encourages dishes for sharing. It gives the guests a chance to get into a conversation over eating.  The menu also means that dishes are not timed by the kitchen. They are cooked as soon as possible and brought to the table whenever the order gets completed. So the food is served as soon as possible. 

At crowded eating joints, that promote this idea, you no longer have to wait for 30 minutes or more for the order to arrive.  Between fast serving times, the table get vacated soon. A number of guests are handled by the restaurant that also increases their revenue share. It means no matter on which day of the week you plan a dinner outing, you will have no issue in finding a seat for you and your friends or family.  

So even if you are running late for a meeting and want a quick bite for lunch, you can opt for the small plate to satiate your hunger. The order gets to you quickly and after a hearty meal you can head to your work back again. It also promotes the idea of casual outings.  Youngsters like to eat at a place having casual ambiance. 

Small plate dining Texas, Dallas, is slowly gaining pace. Many new eating joints have opened that offer such services.

If you are unaware of any such restaurant, look for them online or in local directories. You can also ask your friends for recommendations. Make sure you read their reviews. Have a look at their sites to access their menu. Call them to inquire about their opening hours. 

Clark Food and Wine Co offer small plate dining Texas, Dallas. We change our menu frequently to accommodate new items. We are open Monday through Sunday. We also serve brunch on weekends. We offer happy hour from 3-7pm daily with a variety of specials including signature cocktails and beer. Call us for more details. 



Dallas Does Brunch!

The dining scene in Dallas is flourishing, with better traction and attraction than ever in its’ history. The new restaurants are here to stay with solid concepts that have foundational elements and the ability to adapt to an every changing landscape, not developed to cover a “here and gone trend”. 

With this evolution, comes more offerings for Dallas’ second favorite meal; Brunch! Dallasites love their brunch and love the food and drink that make this meal a great social event. Brunch in Dallas can be anything from a traditional styled buffet at a local hotel (hopefully swanky!) to something as simple as egg tacos and micheladas. 

Brunch in Dallas

You will see predictable trends on the Brunch scene, taking a queue from the southern heritage of Dallas with such favorites as hash-n-eggs, migas, stacked enchiladas, shrimp and grits, Cajun inspired benedicts as well as more traditional favorites which include steak and eggs, sandwiches, burgers, flatbreads and a variety of shareable plates.

Urban Sense

Whether urban or suburban, the spots that satisfy tend to be in neighborhoods that have nearby residents, churches or other gathering points. Places will often have great patios and the scene is very social. Even in the suburbs, the best places have an urban, neighborhood feel.

Brunch is not just for Sunday as Saturday is also a popular day for brunch, drawing a different crowd. Sunday is largely for families while Saturday is more often groups of friends gathering after a week of work to catch up.

Dining Out

On average, Dallasites eat out four times every week,making it the third highest in the state. There are more restaurants per capita in Texas than in New York City. Pick wisely and with thought.

Clark Food & Wine Co offers awesome brunch options in Dallas. A variety of sweet and savory dishes are added to our core menu to provide a truly Dallas brunch experience. Oven flatbreads, sandwiches and salads are our forte dishes. We offer an impressive selection of wines from around the world.

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